Buyers Closing Checklist
Common Real Estate Terms
Conditional Rescission of Principal Exemption
Covenant Deed
Discharge of Lien
Discharge of Construction Lien
Discharge of Lien by Corporation
Discharge of Mortgage by Corp
Discharge of Mortgage
Documents Buyers Sign at Closing
Documents Sellers Sign at Closing
FSBO Pkg – ATA National
FSBO Pkg – ATA National-Typeable
FSBO Pkg – ATA National Lansing
FSBO Pkg – ATA National Lansing-Typeable
FSBO Pkg – ATA National SE Michigan
FSBO Pkg – ATA National SE Michigan-Typeable
FSBO Pkg – Midstate Title Agency – South
FSBO Pkg – Midstate Title Agency South Typeable
Full Conditional Waiver
Full Unconditional Waiver
Land Contract Form
Notice of Furnishing
Partial Conditional Waiver
Partial Unconditional Waiver
Payoff Authorization Form
Principal Residence Exemption MI
Private Mortgage Insurance
Property Taxes
Property Transfer Affidavit
Purchase Agreement
Quit Claim Deed – Individual Seller
Quit Claim Deed – Individual Seller_Lettersize
Quit Claim Deed-Multi Sellers
Quit Claim Deed-Multi Sellers_Lettersize
Quit Claim Deed-Corp-LLC
Quit Claim Deed-Corp-LLC_Lettersize
Real Estate Transfer Tax Valuation Affidavit
Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption
Sellers Closing Checklist
Sworn Statement
Tax and Insurance Escrow Accounts
Title Insurance
Warranty Deed – Corp-LLC
Warranty Deed – Corp-LLC_Lettersize
Warranty Deed-Individual
Warranty Deed-Individual_Lettersize