Dear Customer,
Today more than ever it’s very important for all of us to be aware of personal information or non-public information (NPI) we are collecting. It’s our responsibility to take steps to insure that the information we have is secure. To that end, on July 1, 2015, Attorneys Title and our family of companies (ATA) will be implementing another encryption layer to our email system. Ironport, the e-mail software we have decided to use will protect when sending NPI to e-mail addresses outside of our organization.

Ironport will do the following… when an e-mail is generated by ATA and sent, Ironport will check to see if your e-mail server is encrypted. One of the following steps will then occur:
  • Ironport determines your email server is using encryption so it sends the email as usual, nothing changes.
  • Ironport determines your email server is not using encryption:
    • It checks to see if there is an attachment or NPI in the body of the text, if it doesn’t find any you will receive the email as usual.
    • It checks to see if there is an attachment or NPI in the body of the text when it finds one of these, you will receive a message with instructions on how to securely obtain the message and its attachments by coming into our encrypted area.

Please Click Here for Instructions to see screenshots of the process. We have also included, Click Here, a diagram of how the process will work. Once you have registered with Ironport you will not need to register again to obtain future e-mails containing NPI, just simply login at the prompt.

Everyone’s personal information is just that, personal! You can count on ATA and our family of companies to take the steps to help make sure you and your clients information is kept confidential!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our offices.

Best Regards,